Corporate Events & Cocktails Design

adds prestige to every party making it more attractive. Ken always deliver luxury tailor-made cocktails and experiences to express the value of the brand, theme or products.

Team Building or


Cocktails Workshop

are a fantastic idea to turns every single guest to be a bartender to make an unique cocktail and enjoy the relaxing moment together. During the workshops the guests have provided a set of professional bartending equipment to making cocktails by their own. 


Ken's Cocktails not merely a drink but a journey of sentimental exploration in elements of surprise, appearance, aroma & taste. Ken's creation always embracing these 4 elements which collectively define a great cocktail. 

Flair Bartender


involves cocktails mixing in extraordinary way by doing complicated and spectacular tricks with the bottles and shaker. Ken & Edmund are performed synchronically with elements of pyrotechnical techniques and to the rhythm of adequately selected music.

Bartenders & Cocktails Catering

service by "KEN LAM" is not only reliable service but also a show which will surely attract every single guest. The whole will be accompanied with precisely mastered and our fine cocktails which will make the guest feel great. 

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